Blossom Bridge


lossom Bridge connects international Tech Talents to businesses overseas.

Our platform gathers a vast Talent Pool with different specialties in the Tech field, seeking to fill the gap that exists in the up and coming IT market with the best talents.


Our Work:

  • Talent Pool

  • Interviewing Process

  • Professional Assistance

  • Initial Support

Try once, twice or three times and, if possible, try the fourth, the fifth and however many times it might be necessary. Just do not give up on the first attempts, persistence is friends with achievement. If you want to get where most people do not get to, choose what most people do not do.


Are You a Recruiter?

Our selective process wants to change the experience of the business companies when finding the right tech talent to match their needs.

With our screening and the application of knowledge tests and qualification techniques, the business that is interested will advance a lot faster in order to get to the final interview.

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Form for Recruiters:

    We build a technical and cultural briefing of the candidate.

    We promote the job opening and actively prospect with digital marketing, automation and talent database.

    We screen and qualify adherent profiles with filters and personalized interviews.

    We schedule interviews for you with the best talents and assist you with the database.

    We do a follow up with the hired talent during the first three months.


    Becoming a part of our talent pool will bring you new opportunities abroad.